On Nov. 23, 2019, the Missouri History Museum (located in St. Louis’ Forest Park) will open a new 6,000-square-feet special exhibit titled Mighty Mississippi. The story of North America’s greatest river is explored using more than 200 artifacts —many dating back over a thousand years— from the Missouri Historical Society’s (MHS) collections

Mighty Mississippi is broken up into 4 sections: Lifeblood of the Heartland (explores water quality issues, biodiversity, human manipulation of river and floodplain), First Peoples World (explores prehistoric American Indian/Mississippian culture featuring real artifacts from the time period), Empires (explores colonialism and the fur trade), and Industry (explores the industrial era and the rise and fall of the steamboat era.

If you are interested in an interview with a member of the MHS team, please contact me via phone or by email. A press release is available at mohistory.org/mediaroom. More information and photographs will become available as the exhibit opening date approaches.

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